Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Midtown Poster

Atlanta hosts its own outdoor annual music festival each year called Music Midtown.This year's band roster includes some major names like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Garbage, the Avett Brothers, Joan Jett, and Ludacris, to name a few. Keeping in mind the sort of audience that would be attending, and that the festival takes place outdoors at the start of autumn on the meadow in Piedmont Park, I made several sketches with various nature themes:

I decided to go with this idea featuring meadow flora and fauna with a silhouette of the Atlanta skyline in the background:

I started building up the background in Photoshop by overlaying various textures I had painted and scanned. I added some decorative Victorian graphics around the edges and sought out a hand drawn typeface that also had a Victorian feel. Since I was still working out details of the composition, I drew the flowers quickly with a marker on tracing paper and scanned in to use for determining final placement; the flower colors were made using scanned-in handmade papers. I tried a few color combinations and settled on an autumn palette with orange and subdued green hues:

Ready for the final, I drew the linework in pen & ink on bristol:

Once I had completed the final design, I decided to try out a few more color combinations by changing the blending modes in Photoshop:

However, I decided the autumn palette I had already chosen was best for the mood I was aiming for. The finished design: